Created and drawn by Bobby Rubio

Cover Colors by Tim Evatt

Script Revisions by Stephan Vladamir Bugaj

Here is my comic:  ENFORCEMEN!  This was a story that was first printed in last year’s comic anthology, CHILDHOOD HEROES, which I created with my friends from the animation industry.  We all took characters we created when we were children and updated them to our current tastes and styles.

So in 1987(I know that was a looong time ago), I was a sophmore in high school and I created ENFORCEMEN. I was influenced by my favorite comics at the time:  the X-Men and the New Teen Titans, and my favorite Japanese animated show:  Macross (Robotech)!  I wanted to infuse my love of comics and Japanese animation to create my superhero team.  And so was born ENFORCEMEN!

I updated the character designs and tweaked the story to fit my tastes today.  (One example is the black leather mini skirts.  They had to go.  In their place, I designed full body suits for the women.) I kept the 4-armed alien but made him more reptilian to give a more alien feel to him.  And in place of my Wolverine rip-off, I turned him into an Asian martial artist with ice powers, and he would create ice weapons, like stabbing pikes and ice swords!

For the story, I wanted to tell one that was familiar to me.  I based it off of my first experiences in the comic and animation industry.  I wanted to tell a story of a kid who idolizes superheroes and so badly wants to be part of that world.  And eventually he will.  But he’ll see what happens when he goes behind the curtain and see how his heroes really act behind the scenes.  To be honest, some of them were really cool and deserve that admiration.  And there were others who were complete a$$#ole$!  The story will be a coming of age story and the kid will learn that it’s not the powers that makes the superhero.  It’s the person behind the powers that makes him/her “super!”

"Truth?… Sometimes.  Justice?…Always!"


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